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GROUP STARTED: September 2008
GROUP NAME: Mensroom Clan
WEBPAGE: Friendster groups


A. Operates for 6 months
B. Change its name to Mens Room Club by March 2009
C. First eyeball at March 21, 2009
D. Born of Mens Room Club Smart division
E. 2nd eyeball of MRC friendster and Smart div. at May 02, 2009
F. June 2009, Club stops its operation and deleting its group page at
G. August 2009, Restoration of the MRC to Pinoy Bimale Group at
H. By September 2009, the PBG established its group's website at
I. From September 2009 up to present day, from PBG creates its sub-groups at,,,,,,,,, and
J. Creation of Pinoy Bimale Group website at ( as its primary website and declaring as PBG membership profile website.
K. Until now, the Pinoy Bimale Group commits to its mission of uniting Filipino bisexual male individual throughout the Philippines.
L. More excitements, programs and activities soon...

1) Our shared belief that bisexual men especially bisexual and bi-curious married men are better off hooking-up with other bi guys or gay men and bisexual couples who understand and accept bisexuality in men; that while we are open to and even encourage such healthy sexual connections and such special friendships, we likewise advocate safe-sex and seek to promote lasting happy marriages and loving, lifelong, mutually beneficial family relationships;

2) That PBG members need to be private and discreet - and generally prefer this - yet do need a place, a forum - to chat, network, ask questions, to seek and offer guidance from and to others. That while we prefer to be private and discreet

PBG members often need to work at accepting their own uniqueness as distinct sexual beings and to learn and accept that NO ONE has the right to decide or tell us our own unique sexual orientation That we must learn to distinguish when revealing our sexual orientation as bisexuals to others is appropriate and is in fact an act of love with special regard to spouses, lovers, family and colleagues; that our decision if and when to tell others about our bisexual orientation is a very personal choice that should be well-considered and pondered due to the wide variety of reactions and consequences that such disclosure(s) may incur; and

3) Provide a safe, private and discreet social and support organization nationwide and a forum with a bisexual male focus - to joke and to laugh; to view porn; discuss issues and subjects of mutual interest and concern; get hot tips, chat, learn about news and events of interest to our bi men - thus GROUP as PBG members with other bimales - PLUS our bi-curious & gay male friends and bisexual couples; and host our fun and lively Annual Bi Men Getaway Weekend and Bi Men Conference - at this time held annually in Quezon City - go to - for details..

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