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Article 1: Group Name

  • Sec. 1. Pinoy Bimale Group (Phils.)

Article 2: Purposes

  • Sec. 1. The purposes of PBG are to provide mutual support and social acceptance for Bisexuals/Bimales and to promote an awareness of human rights and needs as they appear in our society, community, and campus today.

Article 3: Principles

  • Sec. 1. To give provisions of full value to all members and officers through respecting their rights as individuals and human beings regardless of their orientation.
  • Sec. 2.  Provide confidentiality, safe space, and safety (emotional, mental, and physical) to all members and officers.
  • Sec. 3. To provide security by giving medical information and referring members to legal organizations if needed.
  • Sec. 4. All members and officers agree to adhere to all of the preceding principles.

Article 4: Anonymity Clause

  • Sec. 1. To ensure the anonymity of all members and officers, this organization will not be held responsible for the disclosure of membership lists.
  • Sec. 2. With each member's individual permission, lists may not be distributed to other groups and organizations at the discretion of the organization.

Article 5: Membership

  • Sec. 1. Membership is open to all Bisexuals/Bimales.
  • Sec. 2. Must be a filipino citizen.
  • Sec. 3. An active member supports the group and attends events and meetings. The active member has voting rights.
  • Sec. 4. An inactive member is one who has not fulfilled the requirements of an active member as stated above, yet shows interest.

Article 6: Officers

  • Sec. 1. ADMIN: The Admin will facilitate meetings. In the absence of the Admin, the Ambassador will facilitate the meetings. A vote can only take place if the Admin is in attendance unless otherwise notified.  The Admin is responsible for taking minutes, distributing the minutes of each meeting to the group via email, and text messaging.
  • Sec. 2. AMBASSADORIt is the duty of the person, in this position to assist the Admin as needed, as well as establish and maintain a functional relationship with the group.
  • Sec. 3. COORDINATOR: The Coordinator for the organization will be chosen to organize and keep an accurate account of the organization’s funds, as well as develop and implement plans for major Events.
  • Sec. 4. REPRESENTATIVES: The Representatives of the organization will be chosen from a sub-group or divisions of the group to record and publicize events and activities, as well as develop relationships with division members.  They are also in charge of organizing group divisions, also as acting group president in a prefered group division. 
  • Sec. 5. TREASURER: his duty is to compute, evaluate and over all collector of fees for an event like GEB's.
  • Sec. 6. All appointed or elected officers are required to passed one (1) rule accordingly to groups future laws.

Article 7: Administrative Powers and Leadership

  • Sec. 1. Admin Powers as group head: The group Admin has the full power to organize, conduct, to punish over a violator and to appoint his desired member to be a officer.He is exempted to a dismissal of officers but he may resign or leave his position if he doesnt feel his duty, responsibility and position as a leader of the group.
  • Sec. 2. Leadership: With his leadership, Admin may ask some suggestions, comments and questions to his co-officers for the improvement and strong commitment from the group and with his administration. His leadership lasts until his resignation or leave his position, if the Admin leaves his position the Ambassador takes his place as a new leader of the group and he will appoint the new Ambassador or any vacant position of officer. 

Article 8: Resignations and Dismissals

  • Sec. 1. Resignations of Officers: Any elected officer who does not feel he is fulfilling his duties to the best of his ability may resign his position and nominate a replacement. Resignations must be submitted in writing or formal letter to the admin of the group at a general meeting. And atleast two (2) officials must be notified.
  • Sec. 2. Dismissal of Officers: In such a situation as the group feels an officer is not fulfilling his duties AND the said officer does not resign willingly, the members of the group may choose to dismiss him from his position. The procedure for dismissal is as follows: First, the officer will be given a verbal warning of the dereliction of his duties by a representative of the members of the group at a general meeting. Second, the officer will be given a written warning or formal letter of the dereliction of his duties by a representative of the members of the group that will be signed by the members. Last, said officer will be dismissed from his position by majority vote of the members with a permission of group admin.

Article 9: Meetings

  • Sec. 1. The organization calls two types of meetings: a support meeting (OFFICERS) and a general meeting (GEB).
  • Sec. 2. Support meetings will be held quarterly  with additions as needed and will be open only to all officers only. Anyone else may only be permitted with the approval of those present.
  • Sec. 3. General meetings will be held monthly. It will include discussions on events (planned or otherwise), feedback, issues pertaining to the organization, social gatherings and maybe a party.

Article 10: Privacy and Group Resources

  • Sec. 1. Group Resources. The website, webpages and mobile clan are managed by the group Admin. He have the rights to edit and delete uploaded materials which is not needed or prohibited by the group's rules. Examples are the ff: a. nude photos, b. pornographic videos and c. posting of malicious topics/notes.
  • Sec. 2Privacy. All codes and passwords are secretly kept by the group Admin for a security purposes and for maintaining it from the unmanageable changes.

                                 addition, Constitution may change thru an open conference of all officers of the gro
In addition, The PBG Constitution may change thru an open conference of all officers of the group.

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